​Clay came to life for me while working in the studio of a family friend During my last two years of high school.  The space provided a limitless opportunity to try the medium in fun and exciting ways.  I travelled abroad and within the u.s. and witnessed the diversity and beauty within the field of ceramics. I began my undergrad at umass amherst  in 1996 and completed my thesis in 2000 with a major in Ceramics and a minor in African Studies.

   upon graduation I moved north and opened a grant funded  grass roots clay studio in downtown Bristol, Vermont.  I renovated the space, found equipment, and ran the studio as the artist in residence for two years.  I then apprenticed with a production potter before opening my own studio at home.   I also taught private studio classes and did several artist in residencies.   At that time, my work was very much about growth and development: trying many new things and learning to be a solid teacher in the field.  I was exposed to a lot at that time and am very grateful.

 These years were valuable in experiencing what it means to run a craft business. 

    The past few years have been epic for me and my work has taken on new meaning.  I began printing antique handmade lace that was given to me by my mother.  I am fascinated by this traditional arts and crafts form and how it fits into our world today.  I have found it my purpose to give the lace new life and a new story.  My lace collection is growing and I find it INTRIGUING and grounding to work with in combination with clay.  I have begun using text in my work using antique typeset letters as well.  I include what I call “pause words”- words that allow us a moment to reflect and accept.  I am passionate about my current work, as it truly is a reflection of the flow I am in while working in my studio.  My work is deeply connected to my love of nature, as well as my own spiritual awareness.  I am working to preserve a timelessness that is within the creative process, a Mindful reflection that we can  heal through the making of art.

Following my master of arts in clinical mental health counseling: art therapy, I now have an art therapy private practice in bristol, vermont called silver circle art therapy.
    I come to the field of art therapy with my own life experience, yet also with gratitude and humility.  In order to foster the development of myself as an art therapist I continually attend to the creative flow within my own vision.